Reflection on week 1 of prac

Exhausted would be an understatement.

So I have used iPads in my lesson, unfortunately they are not transforming learning, however I do believe that they have amplified learning.

My experience … I developed a lesson that would allow the students to use iPads to make a video recording, I thought this would be an awesome introduction to implementing ICTs (other than YouTube clips) into my teaching. Well, one thing I can say is MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE RULES … these little rules that the students know when it is time to use their iPads they must follow, this not only saves your sanity it improves organisation and time wasted on gaining students attention away from the screen. Needless to say, lesson learnt.

Before the lesson I was nervous and apprehensive about how I would go allowing students to complete this task independently, but I underestimated these beautiful little souls, they were so great, that it boosted my confidence and now I think, ‘Yeah, I can use ICTs in my lessons, and the more ICTs I learn about the more I can integrate them into my planning and teaching’.

Next, stop … Book Creator and Air Drop, here I come.


One thought on “Reflection on week 1 of prac

  1. Hi Sarah!

    Your blog is so well set out, neat and tidy! I liked hearing about your first week of prac, mine has been much the same! EXHAUSTED TOO!

    I haven’t engaged in a lesson with the iPads yet, however I did watch the students utilising IXL, a mathematics program on them.. and that was fantastic! Everyone was excited to have a go at them!

    I’m going to introduce my class to the Bee-Bots next week, I’m excited to see how they respond to them, as they have NEVER been exposed to them as yet… my mentor teacher isn’t too keen on utilising ICT, which is one of the barriers we have learned about! She doesn’t feel confident, therefore the students suffer the consequences. I hope that I can eradicate some of her insecurities while I’m there, and show her the benefits of using different teaching strategies through incorporating ICTs. I already know the majority of the students will be eager to engage in this new technology.

    Have you used these before?
    How did you book creator and air drop lessons go?

    Looking forward to hearing your response!


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