Ensuring Inclusion with ICTs

There are many apps and programs and ICTs out there that enable more effective and efficient communication. This can be especially helpful to build the bridge of communication between teachers and students as well as teachers and parents/care givers.

Instagram, Seesaw, blogs, email are all ways we can communicate with other online. However, I was wondering … what happens if you have a techy classroom and there is a student that does not have access to such technology at home? What do you do, to make sure that this child still feels a valued and included member of the class community. How could we still develop this child’s skills and abilities that will ensure they are able to become an active and informed digital citizen?

Another thought on ICTs, yes they can be fantastic, yes they can be great for differentiation, yes they can be great for teaching students the ways of the twenty-first century … BUT, what happens when ICTs are not playing nice, what happens with they don’t work according to plan? What would be the impact on teaching content and students learning outcomes?

All these questions are mulling around in my head and I am trying to come up with answers to all of these, so if you can give a suggestion please do as the more knowledge shared, the more knowledge gained.


One thought on “Ensuring Inclusion with ICTs

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I think to make sure all students feel valued and included within an ICT classroom, it is extremely important you are flexible and have an open door policy. What I mean is that you allow students the opportunity to come in to class during lunch times and before school to complete any homework set. I know the teacher I have for prac provides this opportunity for all of her students. She also allocates the 10 minutes between the first bell in the morning and the second bell for students to practice spelling on spelling city. It is important to be flexible and allocates any spare time at the end of mathematics lessons for students to complete any tasks set on Mathletics for homework.
    I hope all of this makes sense,
    Have a great day,


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