Are ICTs really beneficial in reality?

I’m sitting on the fence with this one.

In one paddock, I have learnt how beneficial implementing and allowing children to engage with using ICTs can be. ICTs can allow easier differentiation, increase communication skills, provide students with the skills they will need for the future, provide instant feedback, build confidence, provide choice etc. How ever the paddock on the other side says something different.

The paddock on the other side says that in reality ICTs can be more trouble than they are worth, I want to refer you to a blog I am following here which recalls an experience where ICTs were not working in favour of the students (or teacher) and the end result was that students learning was restricted and limited, by what I believe to be a lack of infrastructure to support the ICTs being implemented.

I believe that ICTs have a place within our modern day classrooms and students must learn how to use, and experience a variety of ICTs, however if the overall system does not have the appropriate infrastructure to support the amount of ICTs on the network, then all the best intentions in the world will not matter. Teachers become frustrated, students learning is impacted upon and as Kerrie put it, learning time is wasted.

So I put the question out there, what can we do as future educators to change this issue so that precious learning time is not wasted?


2 thoughts on “Are ICTs really beneficial in reality?

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for linking to my blog. I am glad my post helped inspire your post. I thought I would share with you some of the observations I have made this week that relate to your post.
    After my first week of prac in a school that has a heavy ICT focus, I can now see how well ICTs can be implemented into classroom learning experiences. However, for this to occur, it is essential that teachers are confident in using the technology. It is essential the school provide opportunities for teachers to develop their IT skills and they have sufficient IT support staff or teachers with the knowledge to help support other staff and resolve any issues that may arise. This last week I have seen first hand how ICTs can allow for differentiation to occur between students while they all work together at the same time. This saves the teacher valuable teaching time and allows ease of delivery, eg: in spelling tests using an application called Spelling City.
    Have a lovely day,

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  2. Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and also linking to Kerrie’s blog. I too have seen both sides in different school plus in my own centre. I totally get both points of view and agree with you ICT can be really good but the school has to have the infrastructure to be able to make it work with ease and without hiccups and wasting precious time.


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