Resources – Blog and more

During my search for information about blogs, I happened to stumble across this wonderfully informative blog called RipperResources.

Not only is there an array of blog posts that share a wealth of knowledge about teaching and learning, there is also an extension of this blog on Pintrest where the blog creator provides a myriad of practical and useful teaching resources.

We can learn so much by communicating with others and creating networks of knowledge. From what I have found so far when you have a problem or need some advice, there is always (well almost) someone out there in the wide world that has been in the same position and if you are willing to work out the keyboard and send a message out into the world wide web you are sure to get a response that will help you out.

Creating networks with other professionals is essential to help us provide the best possible environment and way to deliver content for our students, whilst on prac and in the future. The invention of the internet was the catalyst of efficient world wide communication and embracing other peoples blogs and resources creates a community of knowledge and understanding.


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