Voice Thread

I don’t know why this has only dawned on me now, but I am certainly glad it did. I remember back to one of my previous subjects that used Voice Thread as a means of communicating between lecturer and students as well as peer to peer. I think this wonderful piece of technology would be […]

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Reflection on week 1 of prac

Exhausted would be an understatement. So I have used iPads in my lesson, unfortunately they are not transforming learning, however I do believe that they have amplified learning. My experience … I developed a lesson that would allow the students to use iPads to make a video recording, I thought this would be an awesome […]

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Ensuring Inclusion with ICTs

There are many apps and programs and ICTs out there that enable more effective and efficient communication. This can be especially helpful to build the bridge of communication between teachers and students as well as teachers and parents/care givers. Instagram, Seesaw, blogs, email are all ways we can communicate with other online. However, I was […]

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Light bulb has been lit

The light bulb began shining brightly when I come to the realisation what transforming knowledge through ICT actually is. Here I was, thinking that by using and creating time lapse videos was transforming learning, however in fact, I was far from the truth … I was only amplifying learning. Yes, the ICT was transforming knowledge […]

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I just stumbled across an amazing resource that I think would amplify our teaching practices. The Teacher’s Corner It has an array of worksheets that you can create to suit your needs, you can then print them out, and the added bonus of saving them as a pdf. WHAAAT! Yep, you heard me right, if […]

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Resources – Blog and more

During my search for information about blogs, I happened to stumble across this wonderfully informative blog called RipperResources. Not only is there an array of blog posts that share a wealth of knowledge about teaching and learning, there is also an extension of this blog on Pintrest where the blog creator provides a myriad of […]

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